JOINpreneur Community

JOINpreneur network is the premier and largest online social community of brightest and goal-driven CEOs, Entrepreneurs, business owners and managers across the nations of the world.

The network is set to create nurturing and enabling environments for the emerging business leaders dedicated to empower the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth. It was founded in the January of 2019 and currently experiencing a rapid growth in the capacity of members.

The network enables its members to promote and expand their businesses throughout the local and around the globe through the most effective networking and business development forums, e-bronchures, conferences, events, markets, social responsibility functions and the most dynamic and interactive online community in the World! This is a chance of meeting nearby people-in-business who are endowed with powerful experience about your idea.


To build purposeful, profitable and enduring businesses (Local and Global Businesses & Brands).


To be known as the largest network that inspires, drives and catalysts the emerging capacity of locally and globally admired enterprises and brands around the world through mutually driven and corporate social communication that energizes concrete relationship.


To support the growth of its members in their entrepreneurship quest through the provision of nurturing environment where they can:
• Receive hands on enlightenment and training required for business success.
• Network with co-entrepreneurs both locally and globally.
• Exchange ideas and foster an efficient sharing of business resources and experience for operational excellence and individual growth.
• Share consumers' tracks and receive constructive advice from fellow colleagues.
• Get connected instantly with a nearby co-entrepreneur for face-to-communication.
• Allow brands to build and maintain a concrete market relationship with partners in the business.


Our aim is to achieve the following objectives above everything else:

1. To raise a new generation of Entrepreneurs. We want to be the foremost guiding network to upcoming business leaders, helping them to develop the right and needed mindset, knowledge and skills required for building a successful businesses and brands that are value-oriented not mere profit.
2. To help advance the capacity of local and multinational brands through our powerful network tools where communication, understanding of demographical and psychological diversities are established.
3. To inspire and drive the emergence of locally and globally admired companies. We want to serve as catalyst for the emergence of local companies that will last through many generations, cultures and countries of the world while being profitable and delivering superior values to their employees and customers around the globe.
4. To help enterprises or brands to easily create a connectifying sub-network within our large community where their associates or employees can experience a connection and communication to help foster strategic plannings and actions toward solving issues.