Marketing Points

Joinpreneur is still the no 1 network community that grants brands and products with incomparable access to wide range of effective marketing tools.

While there are several tools on joinpreneur that you can use to drive forward your brands or products, our public brochure is proven most effective channel you can use to engage more audience to your brands. This is pitching your brand stories on our public brochure for global attention and engagement.

Pitching your brand stories on joinpreneur public brochure is the cheapest and most effective means you can deploy to reach wider and engage more audience, either to market your products or services. Joinpreneur has provided all influencers with a business blog section. In this section, you're privilege to sell your products or services through content marketing. You do the writing while our powerful engine does the marketing to organic audience. Getting your brand stories told and marketed on joinpreneur public brochure is very easy. All you've to do is get ready your contents, then Marketing Points

Marketing Points

Our Marketing Points (MP) allows you to publish your brand stories on the public brochure. The heart of every market is marketing. The cost of marketing on joinpreneur with Marketing Points has created avenue for a very discounted rate, with an ultimate goal to also help startups experience a scalable market.

We don't charge your Dollars, we only charge your Points!

1 Point = USD 0.1, while we charge 2 Points per brand story published on our brochure. Just think about it!

Getting Marketing Points

Make sure you have sufficient funds in your Credit Balance. See your balance here

If your balance is low, kindly add some funds using your credit/debit Card (Flutterwave Secured Payment).

If you have sufficient funds in your wallet, then proceed to Buy Marketing Points. You're only allowed to buy our Marketing Points using your wallet balance on joinpreneur. So you must have sufficient in your Credit Balance.

Now that you've got Marketing Points, you're ready to start marketing your brand stories or contents on our organic public brochure to reach wider audience engagement globally.

Who Consume Contents on Our Public Brochure?

Every brands story or content published on our public brochure receives direct traffic from search engines. These traffic are organic and reach with engagement not less than 60 countries in the world. Top among these countries are United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, Hong Kong, Argentina, Kuwait, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Iraq, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, France, Israel, Austria, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Finland, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Ireland, Norway, China, Belgium, Belarus, Japan, Vietnam, Nepal, Egypt, Zambia.