Apple Watch Series 4 Smart Watch

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Apple Watch Series 4 Smart Watch

Apple Watch Series 4 Smart Watch

Apple introduced the fourth-generation Apple Watch. Their size remained almost unchanged in area, but the thickness decreased and the screen increased significantly due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. In addition, the shape itself has become more rounded.

Previous Apple Watch models were available with 38 and 42 mm cases, while the new models use OLED matrixes with smaller frames and cases with a height increased to 42 and 44 mm. The back of the watch received an updated design and materials, now a combination of black ceramic and sapphire crystal is used.

Apple has also redesigned the control wheel and speakers - they are 35% louder. The watch is powered by the new Apple S4 processor with 64-bit architecture, which provides a twofold increase in performance compared to the third generation. Also, other sensors such as a gyroscope and accelerometer were improved, the accuracy and sensitivity of which was significantly increased to further better determine user activity and definitions of its types. Including watches, ways to detect falls and automatically turn on SOS mode if, after hitting or slipping, the user does not respond to a system request.

Another important change was the appearance of an additional sensor in the Digital Crown wheel, which is able to capture an electrocardiogram and monitor the user's cardiac activity. This sensor is paired with a heart rate sensor and allows you to get reliable results comparable to the results of the examination in the clinic. Apple was able to obtain certification from the US FDA regulator, which is required for all medical devices. As for the software, new additions and new dials will appear for the Apple Watch Series 4: with a lot of important information, the faces of the Breath application and just beautiful animations of fire, water and smoke.

The watch will be available in several versions: from steel in silver, dark gray and gold, as well as special versions of Nike + for sports and a fashion collaboration with Hermes. Without a cellular module, a watch will cost $ 399; with a cellular module, it costs $ 499. At the same time, the third generation will remain on sale at a lower price.

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