Customizing Your Content for Your Readers Easily

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If you have not been motivated by the concept of, "What's In It For Me?" (WIIFM?) by now, it is time to get motivated by it. That means that you focus on solving the other person's problems and don't focus on telling anyone how amazing you are. It is a totally

Customizing Your Content for Your Readers Easily

If you have not been motivated by the concept of, "What's In It For Me?" (WIIFM?) by now, it is time to get motivated by it. That means that you focus on solving the other person's problems and don't focus on telling anyone how amazing you are. It is a totally different approach. Additionally, you need to get the content written quickly.

The right approach will make all the difference
Your target audience is just waiting for you to focus on them. Without exception, none of your target audience members are interested in how amazing you are and how incredible your business is. All that they care about is if you have the ability to solve their problem(s).

The way that you are going to convince them that you are worthy of the faith that they will have in you is through your content. If you write a consistent amount of good-quality content that addresses the issues that your target audience is experiencing, you will start to build a solid, enduring relationship with them. The consistency is an important part of your relationship with the other person. If the person enjoys reading your Online Course Help content and finds it to be valuable, he or she will look forward to reading other content that you share as well as wanting to share the content with other people whom he or she knows and trusts. That is how you may eventually achieve viral status.

With the large volume of content coming at everyone nowadays, it is important for you to distinguish yourself from the next person. Not only does your content need to be well written and compelling but it also needs to offer something unique and superior. The way that you accomplish that is by wrapping your mind around the wants and needs of the other person. Of course, it goes without saying that you must also write and post your content in an expedient manner. In other words, your content must be done quickly and it must be clear, concise, educational, and the other person must want to share it with other people.

You may be wondering how you go about achieving that. Well, there is an approach that you can follow and it will probably work well for you.


    • Ensure that your content is organized well: One of the most effective ways to ensure that your content is well-organized is by creating an outline before you actually write the content. If you are a writer who needs that type of guide, it is worth making the effort to work on the outline before you attempt to write anything in full. Each writer is different. If you have the ability to write without the help of an outline and your writing flows and is cohesive, that is great. On the other hand, if you are not that writer and if your writing lacks flow, an outline is an excellent tool and it will probably help you a great deal. You want to avoid creating content that is disjointed because that can go a long way to ruining your credibility. That is the last thing that you want to happen. If you decide to use an outline, it doesn't have to be something complicated or time-consuming. It is just a way of keeping your thoughts organized and logical.

    • Work from an established process: If you have a process that you established before you attempted to write anything, you may find it much easier than writing freeform. In many cases, having an established process makes the writing part of it much less stressful. When it comes to writing content that you want other people to take seriously and then follow some action as a result of what you are sharing, you don't want to leave anything to chance. If you are worried at this point about the process detracting from your ability to be creative, you don't need to worry. It will not take anything away from your creativity. It is just another helpful tool that is designed to make the writing easier. If you are not sure what elements should actually be a part of your process, you might want to include such things as creating an outline, writing a draft, editing that draft, and ensuring that the text is free of spelling and punctuation errors. Each phase of your process should be approached simply and methodically. Your process should be simple and easy to follow for anyone who tries to execute it.

    • Get someone involved in the research phase: You may feel that you want to handle the research yourself; however, if you are starting to get really busy, you may want to delegate that to someone else. It is important to be able to delegate sometimes. You have every right to dictate exactly what you want the researcher to do and to set limitations on the research. Once you have received the results of the research, you may feel that you don't know why you didn't delegate that task earlier than you did. It may be extremely valuable to let the other person handle that. Of course, it is important that you carefully scrutinize the results of the research so that you can use the material effectively when you actually sit down to write. Having other people handle certain elements of your writing process may allow you to write your content much more quickly and effectively. It is at least worth considering.

    • Express clearly how you are going to solve the other person's problem(s): This is critical to your success. Once your target audience member comes to you to discuss the problem(s) that he or she needs solving, you need to come up with a plan about exactly how you accomplish that. Solving the other person's problem(s) will be a collaborative effort. It will never be about you working hard to solve the problem and the other person sitting around, waiting for you to come up with a solution. Your part should be solid. You will want to come up with a clear plan that works well and quickly.

  • Work smart: Starting from scratch each time is generally not the smartest approach that you can take. If you can avoid it, why would you want to do more work than is necessary? In many cases, you have a lot of valuable material from which to draw and you only have to customize it and tweak it. After all, you knew what you were doing the first time that you worked on that particular problem so you can draw from that. The ways that you can improve upon what you have is by adding some new, relevant details that make the content more current, add some new graphic images to make the content appealing, and referencing some current sources.


Writing good-quality content quickly is probably easier than you might think. Add writing it quickly to the mix and it may be a little more challenging but certainly not impossible. The key to accomplishing that is to use effective tools, such as an outline and a writing process, which will both allow you to write more easily and more quickly. Of course, the quicker you get the content out there, the quicker you can start to reap the benefits of that content.

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