Do You Have a Genuine Connection? Authentic Relationships - Do You Have a Genuine Connection?

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1. Don't put your happiness and feeling of well-being in your relationship.

Do You Have a Genuine Connection? Authentic Relationships - Do You Have a Genuine Connection?

Despite the many films, books, and publications that claim that falling in love is the only path to genuine happiness, no relationship can flourish under the burden of being your only source of pleasure. This isn't love at all, but codependency - a dependence on someone for your sense of self that causes you to lose sight of who you are and become manipulative to meet your wants. Instead, develop your objectives, hobbies, and pleasures, and you'll have more of yourself to offer to follow this link:


  1. Expect and embrace difficulties rather than avoid them.


Genuine Relationships


So, what are partnerships for if not to make you feel better?


In disguise, relationships are beautiful instruments for self-development.


Allowing another individual to come near enough to view both your talents and flaws will eventually result in defensiveness and confrontation. While you may have been taught that this is a "bad" thing to do or that it should be avoided, the reality is that it is a fantastic way to learn more about yourself and how to communicate.


It is possible to achieve new levels of closeness and self-awareness by anticipating conflict rather than avoiding it and working with it rather than avoiding it.


  1. Spend more time together, enjoying the current moment.


It's not about spending time in the same place or performing the same activity, such as zoning out in front of yet another movie, when it comes to real connection. It's about spending time talking about your ideas, emotions, and dreams. And genuine connection can only be made in the current time. This means focusing on your spouse as they are right now rather than what they have done in the past or what you hope to happen in the future.


  1. Develop a sense of limits.


It may be thrilling and intense to be your authentic self around another person and allow closeness to develop. However, exaggerating your enthusiasm to the point that you ignore what works for you and don't establish boundaries when things don't work in a certain way to wind up in an inauthentic, codependent relationship.


Respecting yourself and the other person involves connecting from a genuine place. That is, you say yes when you mean yes, no when you mean no, and remember to check in with your feelings and desires.


  1. There is an equal balance between giving and receiving.


genuine connections


Both parties must work to give and share their ideas, emotions, time, and attention to form a real relationship. So how do you begin to enable the other person to do more for you if you are always the giver? And if you're constantly giving, what three things can you do this week to help someone else? What can you do to offer more fantastic encouragement?

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