Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) Net Worth 2022 (Updated)

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As of 2022, Jimmy Donaldson popularly known as Mr. Beast has reached an estimated net worth of $25 million dollars. He is renowned for his charity vLog and has one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. Calm as we share more with you about Mr. Beast, the YouTube Star.

Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) Net Worth 2022 (Updated)
Net Worth$25 million dollars
Full NameJimmy Donaldson
Celebrated NameMr. Beast
BornMay 7, 1998
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthProfessional YouTuber
Last Updated:2022


By 2022, Jimmy Donaldson's value is estimated at $25 million.

Jimmy Donaldson is also called “Mr. Beast”. Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) is a solid and well-known YouTuber recognized for his expensive and philanthropic tails. Donaldson has a large fan base (followers and subscribers) on his social media and is also the co-founder of the "Tree Team" which is a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation.

Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson, Mr. Beast, was born on May 7, 1998. He was born in Greenville, North Carolina, United States. Donaldson was raised by his mother and spent most of his childhood with his brother.

In 2012, he created his own YouTube channel and started posting random videos. He first came to attention when he posted a video called 'Worst Intros On YouTube'.

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Over the years on his YouTube channel, he received more and more members. He started spending thousands of dollars online and started posting videos like '$5 for hot girls to advertise YouTube channel'.

Mr. Beast's rise to prominence came when he began submitting encouraging videos, including "Giving a Homeless Random $10,000." He later posted those videos and claimed that a program called "Quidd" sponsored the money he gave to people.

Some of his most-viewed YouTube videos include "I bought a car with just a pen," "I gave $30,000 to a random editor on Twitch," "I went to just use brochures," and "Can 100,000 pieces of paper stop shooting?"

One of his videos called 'Gave $500,000 To Random People', has already garnered more than 10 million views. He is also popular on other social media platforms and owns an online store where he sells T-shirts.

As of 2022, the value of Mr. Beast is $8 million.


Here are some of the highlights of Jimmy Donaldson's work:

  • 46.6 million subscribers on YouTube (2020)
  • I bought the biggest fireworks in the world (YouTube video, 56 million comments, 2020)
  • Co-creator of Team Trees

Some of Jimmy Donaldson's Favorite Quotes

"I used to make a dollar a day, so I didn’t even have a microphone. My mindset was just ‘reinvest everything I make – every time I got a paycheck, that was the month’s budget." Jimmy Donaldson

"One of the reasons I like giving away money is I just like to see how people react. When you just hand someone $10,000 — like, ‘It’s yours’ — what do they do, you know? Some people don’t believe you. Some people think it’s fake. It’s just fun." Jimmy Donaldson

“The hardest part for me was getting relevant! It took like five years to get anywhere. And the entire time, every week I was just like ‘Should I just quit? Am I wasting my time?’”Jimmy Donaldson

“My goal is to make a new vlog channel where I vlog running my charities. All the ad rev, merch sales, brand deals, etc will go towards feeding/helping people in the charities! I honestly think we could support multiple communities with this."Jimmy Donaldson

Life Lesson from Jimmy Donaldson

Now that you know all about the net worth of Mr. Beast and how he achieved it; Let's see one of the best lessons we can learn from him:

1. Enjoy life
Jimmy Donaldson loves to entertain other people and the art of life is knowing how to have a little fun.

2. Return
In return, we can describe the growth and success of Mr. Beast on YouTube. His videos almost always include giving things like money, cars, food, etc. to others. It's a win-win in this situation, as people get unexpected gifts, and in return, he gets the massive spread of his content for his YouTube channel.



Jimmy Donaldson “Mr. Beast” has one of the most successful YouTube channels in the world. He first caught people's attention when he started posting videos about the worst intros on YouTube. Donaldson is also popular on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

By 2022, Jimmy Donaldson's value is estimated at $25 million.

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