Hiring Remotely? A Look at 5 Common Mistakes that You Must Avoid!

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Planning to hire a remote worker. Learn what are the topmost important things that you should work on to avoid doing mistakes

Hiring Remotely? A Look at 5 Common Mistakes that You Must Avoid!

Remote work has rapidly grown as more and more organizations find out the boons of hiring virtual employees. As of today, 60% of Americans are working from home. With the countless advantages of remote teams, the dominance of the structure is not unimaginable. 

Yet, the productivity of every virtual team completely depends upon how the leader manages the virtual employees. You must remember, there is nothing similar between dealing with an in-house team and a remote working team. Here the team members have to deal with unique challenges.

How the leader addresses those difficulties makes all the difference. Here we have covered the most common mistakes that cause the Remote working to fail.

Unclear Expectation:

Does your remote team know your expectation from them in the long, middle, and short term? If they don’t have a clear idea of what do you expect from them, it can affect the effectiveness and output of your team. It is necessary to provide your remote team succinct and clear instruction on crucial matters such as day-to-day responsibility, deadline, etc.

One of the most interesting Things about remote workers is they are likely to work in an unstructured framework.

How to resolve the issue?

You need to set clear but achievable targets for working remotely. Fix a weekly task deadline for each member and acknowledge them. The overseeing manager should set a convenient short-term goal for the team.

Communication Gap:

After you set the expectation, the next important thing to do is communicating those aspirations with your virtual team. Most employers operate their work without the regular flow of applicable information.  

How to resolve the issue?

When you hire remote employees, you need to pay attention to create robust communication to exchange pertinent information constantly. Being constantly available when the team members ask a question ensures a reliable communication mechanism.

Poor Team Interaction:

Human nature is staying in society and socializing with people. If you let your employees feel alone and isolated, it will be one of the strongest reasons behind your Remote working fail.

A virtual team can never reach the business objective unless having an improved interaction among them. The team members need to approach each other with concerns and questions whenever needed. 

How to resolve the issue?

You must help your remote workers to avoid isolation by arranging team meetings regularly or video conferencing to break the ice.

No Breathing space:

There are a few things about remote workers that you should never forget. The most important one is, they love freedom, that’s why only they have joined your team as a remote worker. They need breathing space and a free work environment.

You should focus on quality work rather than disciplined work. Give them some leeway during office hours. Sending your virtual employee follow-up emails now and then or calling them, again and again, will get you nothing but employee dissatisfaction.

How to resolve the issue?

Set an elaborate working strategy where every employee agrees to when onboard. After that, let them work and deliver their task freely without micromanaging their performance. Don’t interrupt their independence until and unless you find any unmet expectations.

Improper Management:

We all know, working from home increases productivity. But it’s not going to happen if you don’t review the performance of your team regularly. As remote working can’t give your team an accurate in-office environment and day-to-day interaction with fellow teammates, there is already a lack of motivation in their work. 

In this context, if you don’t assess their everyday performance and let them know your feedback, they will lose their enthusiasm easily. Every employee wants motivation to give their best. The efficiency of your remote team will decrease without your approach to resonate with them.

How to resolve the issue?

Consider a regular touchpoint with the remote workers to know the progress of their work. Do it in a friendly way so that they don’t feel micromanaged. Provide them weekly feedback that offers insight, promotes brainstorming and creates transparency.

Winding Up:

Remote work can result in better performance from your employees than office work if it is done in the right way. You must focus on building a concrete communication mechanism with your employees to manage teamwork.

Keep track of their work but don’t try to micromanage. Remove all kinds of distractions, respect different time zones and never try to get a multitasked remote employee.

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