Different Versions Of Nerf Guns Available On The Market

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So after discussing the above kinds of guns, we can clearly say that nerf has brought a lot of variety of guns for the toddlers so that they can enjoy having them.


Different Versions Of Nerf Guns Available On The Market

Nerf is a famous brand of toy weapon which small kids generally use. The Parker Brothers invented it, and currently, it is owned by Hasbro. Many of the toys are a form of foam-based weaponry. The nerf brand is commonly known for toy guns, but nowadays, it has also started producing other sports utilities such as scooters, bikes, and skateboards. A nerf gun for 2 year old kids enjoys it, as it is a very famous brand of guns and has many different kinds of guns. 

An extensive series of nerf games called Zombie, strike modulus, Elite, Mega, Dom lands, n sports super soaker, Rebel, rival, laser tag. Let us discuss some of the parts of the series in detail that everyone can get to know about it.

Zombie Strike

Zombie strike is one of the products invented in 2013 by Hasbro as a new nerf blaster line. It is created for the fans who love human vs. Zombie games. Zombie strike is an exciting product by Hasbro.


The nerf modulus blaster line includes various types of accessories and the accessory kit. This type of blaster is typical of white, grey, and green.


It aims at the female demographic, Sporting pink, purple, and teal -colors.

Super Soaker

It was initially owned and market by Laramie; super saker is one of the most famous lines of water guns. In recent time Hasbro has released a line of nerf branded super soaker blasters. Kids prefer buying super soaker as it is an excellent way to have fun and enjoyment.


The nerf nitro line was released in 2017 by Hasbro. It used to consist of blasters which can fire foam cars into the obstacles and stunt ramps.


Rival blaster was referred to by nerf as high-impact rounds as it used to fire the small foam balls. There are three colors in which nerf Rival blasters come, and those colors are white, red, and blue.

Laser Tag

It is one of the famous toy lines from the mid-1980s, and it also continues to be part of the nerf banner till now. However, the recent generation of the Lazer tag has enhanced its playability by attaching it to iPhone or iPod Touch units.

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