What is Enamel erosion, and what are the causes of it

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In this article, we will discuss what Enamel erosion is and what is called Enamel. Also, we will discuss the reasons why Enamel erosions occur in a person are.

What is Enamel erosion, and what are the causes of it


What is Enamel

Enamel is known to be the tough white part which is the outside covering of a tooth.This is the layer that is present for everyone and is responsible for protecting your tooth.This is the toughest shell and is also known to be the hardest tissue in the human body. Dentin is known to be the part of the teeth that is responsible for the coloring of the teeth. 

When you consume coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, cola, or fruit juice. Then these leave a mark or color behind on the teeth, which you can easily see. You should do regular visits to the dentist in Burwood as they are found way back and are known professionals. Check out this site 
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This means that Enamel is just the outer covering of the teeth, which is only to protect them.The Enamel needs to be protected from any kind of physical or chemical damage.

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What is Enamel erosion?

Enamel erosion is the thing that happens when your teeth Enamel are attacked by a chemical.Enamel is the hard coating to protect the teeth and the gums from anything, but it needs to be preserved.You can see if a person has Plaque on their teeth which can also cause erosion.

This is because Plaque is the bacteria that remains on the teeth for a long time if not removed.Plaque is known to be dangerous for your health and also for the teeth.You can feel the Enamel erosion if you have sensitivity in your teeth, cracks, discoloration, and holes in the teeth.

What are the reasons for Enamel erosion?

Given below is the list of reasons why Enamel erosion takes place in the body.

The diet

The food which you consume is the biggest reason as most of them contain high sugar.

This reduces the calcium level in the body, and so the Enamel weakens and then goes away.

Teeth grinding

If you are nervous and grind your teeth, then you should stop as your Enamel is getting eroded.

Low saliva levels

Saliva is a thing that is produced by the body to save your mouth from any kind of bacteria.Due to dehydration, your body might not produce saliva and might cause Plaque which will slowly erode the Enamel.



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