How to Become Fashion Brand Influencer on Social Media

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Good news! For you have made the clever decision stumbling on this post if your desire is to become one of the influencers for a fashion brand. In this post, we shall explain the step-by-step process of how to become a fashion brand influencer on social media.

How to Become Fashion Brand Influencer on Social Media

Influencer marketing is a powerful strategy that is gaining more grounds in the world of marketing today. Brands are beginning to wake up to this strategy for its effectiveness which helps to speed up brand growth and the massive turnout experience it procures for sale of products.

The magical idea behind influencer marketing is simply characterized by its use of a famous personality to represent and talk about particular brand or product. What we are saying here is that brands appreciate the use of a public figure to utilize and talk about a product or brand. So if you are a public figure, perhaps a famous person in a particular niche, brands would appreciate making you an ambassador. Brands are in desperate need of influencers, and it is the fact!

So with the rising trend, it is now lucrative and profitable becoming an influencer at least in a certain niche, if not respective niches. Everyone seeks to be one!

Good news! For you have made the clever decision stumbling on this post if your desire is to become one of the influencers for a fashion brand. In this post, we shall explain the step-by-step process of how to become a fashion brand influencer on social media. Kindly find yourself a convenience as you read through the path to becoming one of the fashion brands that are making it big time today.

8 Steps to Becoming Fashion Brand Influencer on Social Media

  1. Be a Genuine Fashion Person
  2. Get Yourself Social Media Handles
  3. Optimize Your Social Media Handles
  4. Identify and Understand Your Audience
  5. Publishing Relevant Contents
  6. Make it Real, Regular and Consistent
  7. Engage With Your Target Audience
  8. Be Open and Well-positoned to Gain Brand's Attention
  9. Conclusion

1. Be a Genuine Fashion Person

The first thing to consider when you start your journey to becoming a fashion brand influencer is that you must be a fashion person. Being a fashion person or fashionista means that fashion has to your best interest driven with an undiluted passion. Since it is important to get right what to do before getting to know how it is done, then fashion is what you have to do. It is the raw material that generated you the loyalty of followers. Followers only pledge their loyalty to a dispenser. You must be loaded to dispense. So everything about you must be fashionable. Make sure you understand every aspect of fashion and you live the example.

2. Get Yourself Social Media Handles

Our world today is moving faster with the speed of light. Digital technology is taking over and one of the new trends is social media. Social media has gained lots of attention and also become part of almost everyone as it helps to connect easily people-to-people, brands-to-people, people-to-brands. So social media is a very powerful and strategic tool.

It is a tool you must understand perfectly if you want to be a successful fashion brand influencer. To start, you must first select the social media platforms that fit in your fashion interest. While some fashion brand influencers prefer the use of blog or vlog (video blog) to showcase their fashion talent or style, another would prefer to use Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or Integrated. At best, it is necessary to select the one(s) you can manage very efficiently and yourself an handle or profile on it.

3. Optimizing Your Social Media Handles or Profiles

After strategically selecting and getting yourself a social media handle, then your next focus on becoming a fashion brand influencer is optimizing the profiles or handles. To optimize means to make efficient. Now, you will be ensuring your social media handles whether the newly created one or an existing are efficient. To optimize your social media handles profiles, there are certain things you need to make available, for your profiles must be presentable and valuable enough to relate with. These things are necessary to be put in place as a fashion brand influencer:

  • Get a Name for yourself and build it. This may be your name or any name you want to be identified with. This might not yeild immediate results, but with time, certainly you will never regret it.
  • If you are using a Blog, there are some hacks that you need to optimize your blog or video channels. Some of these are involve paying attention attention to seach engine ranking and integration of other social media networks. 
  • Switch to Business Account: Switching to a business account will help you a great deal in earning the trust of the audience. Apart from that, it also helps to open you up vast options. Many platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the options to create a business account on the profile settings' page.
  • Create Engaging Bio or Update the Existing One: One of the avenue where you can sell your potential is through the Bio. Bio is made available for users of social media to express what they are. You can use this opportunity to sell your potential to your followers or audience. Creating a catchy bio will give you a big level. And while doing that, see that you include in your bio everything required for trust building. Something like your location, full name, contact details and your area in fashion or fashion as a core niche.
  • Use a Cover Photo and Profile Picture: Avoid playing a ghosting. Do not hide valuable information about yourself. Don't be ashamed to use your picture and something nice as cover. Let your audience see your face, whom you set to influence. No attempt to ghost them, please. And while adding a photo, see that the picture has a very good quality. Use a nice camera to take some photos of yourself. Fashion appeals to the sight! Read also: Expanding your Business Idea to Becoming Successful Entrepreneur

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4. Identify and Understand Your Audience

Another step to consider in your journey to becoming a fashion brand influencer is to identify and understand your audience. Now, ask yourself, who need to see what I'm doing and why do they need to trust me for what my interest is? That sounds reasonable, right! Getting accurate answers to the predefined questions will help you identify rightly and understand your audience.

Do not be in hurry to compose and dish out content without settling this score, or else there will be problem in your journey. You must know and understand your target audience so that your story will not be like many influencers who have swept under the carpet their audience and as a matter of fact, lost strong connection with them due to negligence about paying attention to this sensitive point.

To become a fashion brand influencer on social media, it is very necessary to ensure that you know who your target audience is and do well to use that knowledge to build a loyal follower base for yourself. You can at first analyze your current follower base to understand your audience. Twitter for instance provides users with an analytical tool that can help you get this done so as to get insight about your current followership in terms of their demographics (age, locations, gender etc) and psychographics ( interests etc ). 

You will be able to dispense what your audience needs when you know them and understand their interests.

5. Publishing Relevant Contents 

After identifying your target audience and understanding what they like, the next step to consider in becoming a fashion brand influencer on social media is to create and publish relevant and engaging contents. One of the effective ways to influence your followers through your opinions and recommendations is to publish contents that are substantial.

Post meaningful contents often. Since your area is fashion, avoid publishing contents that dont appreciate your area of interest. Even if you are going to do that, then it is very important to get that done strategically. There are diverse ways to tell stories. Tell any story in a way and manner that your audience would appreciate. Explore every content marketing strategy. Good and quality contents add value to its author. Not only that, it buys the loyalty of follower for you too.

Also, do not forget to dish to your followers, contents about fashion. Maybe training them about fashion or another thing within the frame of fashion. Very very important lest they forget why you are worth their loyalty. In a nutshell, know what to post or feed your audience with. 

6. Make it Real, Regular and Consistent

Another important thing aside from knowing the content you should feed to your audience is making yourself real, regular and consistent. Be diligent in what you do. Have a schedule and posting frequency. Frequent posting helps you increase your visibility as consistency remains the key. Try to be regular in your post schedule and pay attention to your dreams as one of the next fashion brand influencers on social media. 

While scheduling your post, you may decide to choose posting daily, weekly, forth night (2-week) or at any comfortable time for you. At the end of your decision, ensure you are consistent in it. If it is everyday posting, let it be everyday. Your audience are sensitive, they are watching. Any laziness will buy you an undesired reputation which may jeopardize your goal.

7. Engage With Your Target Audience

We have been mentioning this, and now it is become a subject on its own. As an upcoming fashion brand influencer on social media, it is very important that you do not ignore your audience. It is possible that when you begin to share your posts, followers to start engaging them through likes and comments. When they comment or like your post, do not be too pompous to ignore, but appreciate it. This helps you cement your relationship with them more. 

When you are asked any question, be free to say your opinion as soon as possible. Don't take your time to keep them waiting when you have it to reply. Be grateful always.

Apart from answering their questions, you too can come up with questions or converstions that are impactful especially in the niche you represent (fashion) and seek for their respective contributions. Doing this interaction will help strengthen your position as an influencer.

8. Be Open and Well-positoned to Gain Brand's Attention

After all the above steps exhausted, the final thing to do is to show yourself to the world. You need to be open and announce yourself as a fashion brand influencer who is interested in brand engagements. Note that you must be well-positioned before announcing yourself. To get this done, since you have loyal audience, you can put up some info on your bio that calls out that you are a fashion brand influencer who is open for collaborations. Package yourself in your announcement and establish how they can reach you out anytime through your contact details. 

Also, reaching out to relevant brands especially in the area of fashion by yourself too can help you achieve this aim. Let them know what you represent among your followers. You can as well tag brands on social media and pitch to them you are open for collaborations. 


So far, those recommendations are tested and trusted tips that will catapult you into becoming one of the next fashion brand influencers on social media. Diligently be honest with the steps and with time, I bet you will definitely have the results you desired.

Note that a house is not built in a day, so if you want the best, then you must be patient and give sometime for dream to come to reality. If you can do all these things, then success lies ahead of you and you can start making money online in due time.



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