This is how the watch strap width (bar width) of your watch is measured

The "lug width" or "watch strap width" describes the distance between the two....

The "lug width" or "watch strap width" describes the distance between the two lugs of a watch. The watch strap is attached here with the help of the spring bars. Straps that are made from one piece, such as Perlon and NATO bracelets , are so-called pull-through bracelets and do not contain any spring bars. Nevertheless, they have to fit between the lugs and are held in place by the spring bars. The most common bar width for watches is 20 mm, but this can vary from 16 mm to 24 mm and beyond. Some vintage or ladies' watches even have narrower strap widths.

If you want to buy one of our bracelets for your watch, you have to know beforehand what width your watch has. The watch can look bad if the bracelet is too small or too wide. A correct width of the watch strap is therefore very important. In our following blog post we would like to show you how to determine the correct bridge width of your watch.

How do I measure the width of the watch strap (lug width) of a watch?

If the watch already has a leather strap, you can easily check the watch strap width directly on it. In most cases, a number is embossed on the inside of the watch strap, which shows the width between the bars / lugs. Our WB original leather straps have a number embossed on them, which shows the width of the watch strap.

Close up Imprinted lug width of the vintage leather strap on a Nomos Club with a size of 18mm lug width

The embossed "18" stands for a width of the watch strap of 18mm between the bars

Measurement directly on the bracelet or watch
Sometimes the old leather bracelet does not have a number and therefore does not provide any information about the lug width. In that case, you can use a ruler to measure the width of the old watch strap or the bars directly on the watch. In this way you can easily measure the bridge width of the watch yourself. A spring bar tool can be used to remove the spring bars and the old bracelet. You push the spring bar inwards, pulling it out of the lugs of the watch and pulling out the bracelet.

Rolex GMT Master II lug width 20mm

The bridge width of a Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN is 20mm

Check the watch band width on the internet
In most cases, you can find information about the bridge width of a watch model on the watch manufacturer's homepage. If you can't find it there yourself, you can check the WatchBase website . Here you will find information about the dimensions of the watch and a lot of other interesting information.