Occupational traffic accidents on the rise, especially on Mondays and Fridays

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Here are some reasons why traffic accidents occur and how we can be careful and prevent accidents.

Occupational traffic accidents on the rise, especially on Mondays and Fridays

The year 2018 was not very positive in terms of road safety, since there was an increase in both occupational traffic accidents and the number of deaths they cause. In this way, traffic accidents became one of the main causes of death at work last year, as revealed by a study that Asepeyo carried out from its own mutualists.

The study reveals that 13.4% of occupational accidents registered in 2018 were related to traffic, which represents an increase of 5% compared to 2017. Likewise, of the total number of deaths caused by an occupational accident, 45% corresponded to a traffic accident.

For its part, data from the Ministry of Labor, Migration, and Social Security registered in 2018 a total of 652 deaths of workers in occupational accidents. Of these, 38% (249) did so on the road, during their working hours, or on the go when going to or coming back from work. In addition, of the total deaths in occupational traffic accidents, 54% (136) occurred in, while 46% (113) occurred during the development of the working day.


According to the Asepeyo study, on Mondays, there is a greater number of commuting accidents, while on Fridays there are more victims during the working day. Among the most affected sectors, the hotel industry is the one with the highest accident rate. In contrast, the education sector suffers the least traffic accidents.

If we look at the autonomous communities, Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, and the Balearic Islands are the ones that account for the highest number of traffic accidents, while Castilla y León, La Rioja, and Extremadura are the least affected by this problem.

On the other hand, generally, the average duration of sick leave caused by a traffic accident is more than seven days, that is to say, longer than the rest of the work accidents. In addition, the study reveals that workers between 16 and 29 years old are the ones who register the highest accidents.


Given the negative results registered in 2018, Asepeyo and the CNAE Foundation have just presented the I Observatory of Occupational Road Accidents in Spain, whose main objective is to make companies and workers aware of the magnitude of the problem and the need to adopt specific plans in the workplace to combat this social tragedy that causes numerous economic losses and extensive damage to the country's productive fabric. Recent studies indicate that sick leave due to road accidents can cost around 2,000 million euros per year. Public service and safety message brought to you by Auto for Trade a used car dealer in New Zealand where you can buy quality used cars online in NZ.

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