Players learned important information from the next-generation video of NBA 2K21

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Players learned important information from the next-generation video of NBA 2K21

Just yesterday, 2K revealed more information about the next generation of NBA 2K21 games, including the Golden State Warriors and New Orleans Pelicans. There are comments from executive producers Erick Boenisch and Mike Wang in the preview. It is much more original than what players see from 2K. This preview style illustrates two things about 2K marketing the next version of NBA 2K21. In any case, players who want to continue should prepare enough NBA 2K21 MT to meet the upcoming challenges or new players.

In the past few years, 2K has been criticized by many players. Because they believe that 2K always does not release relevant event information in time and the game team lacks two-way interaction with the players. With the newly expanded patch notes, it seems that the interaction between developers and the community has increased. The announcement of the next generation video of NBA 2K21 by 2K this time also means that 2K hopes to correct this negative view in order to increase the loyalty of players to the game.

The company should hire a team of community managers to develop its wide range of game modes, which can be a liaison between fans and developers. The increasing communication trend of 2K is better than the brand’s space before the unofficial market, but it is obvious Variety. 2K is full of confidence in this year’s game. When players trust the development team, it is much easier for them to become transparent. In the previous release cycle, 2K has held special events, journalists and influential people can capture these content, but the spread of COVID-19 temporarily prevented these events.

If there is no such access right, then 2K will take a more hands-on approach, but it relies not only on the produced video to display the title. As game videos have caused some positive responses from the community and raised players’ expectations for upgraded products, the results are mostly positive. Obviously, 2K has initially achieved the effect of improving players’ perception of it. Players should also go to GameMS to Buy Cheap NBA 2K21 MT, which is a foresighted approach.