Drustvar is my favorite in the expanded area of "Battle of Azeroth"

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Drustvar is my favorite in the expanded area of "Battle of Azeroth"

Drustvar is my favorite in the expanded area of "Battle of Azeroth"

As we all know, World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing WOW Classic Gold game. From the real-time strategy game "Warcraft" produced by Blizzard Entertainment in 1994, the story of the "Warcraft" series was established in such a world background. Four years after "The Frozen Throne" came out, "World of Warcraft" took place on the mainland of Azeroth.

The area in the expansion of "Battle of Azeroth", I like Drustvar the most because I like the weird and scary atmosphere in the game, and Drustvar just meets my needs. Not only does it make me feel creepy, but I can hear horrible sounds from all directions throughout the game. This sound is three-dimensional. There must be other horrors in World of Warcraft, but the level of operation of Drustvar is completely different. When I first came into contact with the area, the first task I did was to stop the hanging, because Lucille Waycrest ’s mother was a witch, so the urban residents thought that Lucille Waycrest Lucille Waycrest is a witch.

From the moment of entering Revendreth to the last moment of the game, death and decay are uninterrupted. There are two problems with Revendreth, one is the animation drought that will plague the entire Shadow Land, and the other is the problem with its area. These two problems are frequent. Although Revendreth is more dangerous than the fortress, I still prefer it. Because Revendreth is a place that can give people a chance to reinvent themselves, that is to say, it will give players a chance to regenerate, but the fortress is different. He admires the idea that "the best corruption is the worst corruption", it will not I don’t like the opportunity for those who have committed crimes in life to change again.

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But don't think that when you enter Revendreth, doom will come. In fact, as long as you experience it patiently, you will find there is a very attractive sense of humor. For me, I really like this feeling. When I first walked into Revendreth, two young men who were not very smart declared war on me. After the duel, they thought I was dead. But it ’s funny that I did n’t die. Later they finally understood this and jokingly called me "Maw Walker"
These are things that will not appear in the fortress. On the contrary, it is absolutely impossible for the fortress to appear. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to complete all the tasks in Revendreth. Revendreth has a task to let me go to Torghast to save people, but when I was about to end the game, the network was disconnected and I couldn't log in again.

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I have never believed that Torghast is the final level of Revendreth, because after the "Torghast" mission is over, there is still a lot of work to be done in this area. However, in the past few weeks, I did spend more time on Torghast in Demon Hunter, which made me start thinking about how much I like the fun of challenge.

I entered some dungeons this week and managed to line up, successfully spurring other players to self-harm. I hope my luck will get better and better in the next few weeks. I also hope Blizzard will follow the current pattern, and we will start testing Ardenweald as soon as possible, and look at the rest of the Revendreth mission line.

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