One of Blizzard ’s most successful projects in the game: Torghast

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One of Blizzard ’s most successful projects in the game: Torghast

One of Blizzard ’s most successful projects in the game: Torghast

Under normal circumstances, every expansion of World of Warcraft contains about hundreds of new tasks, new storylines and dungeons, and is dedicated to bringing players a new upgrade experience, but the recent WOW expansion also comes with additional systems If the system passes the inspection, it can stay in the content of the game permanently, which makes players very motivated to Buy WOW Classic Gold stay in the game.

I believe that players are very concerned about the new expansion of World of Warcraft, and the members of World of Warcraft are committed to giving players a new game experience. So before you understand Torghast, please understand this excellent store MMOWTS with a large inventory of WOW Gold Here you can get all the information about the games you follow.

Here we talk about the previous expansion of Battle for Azeroth. At that time, it also introduced several systems, but these systems simply could not be used very well. Blizzard also tried to add some RTS-style content to the Warfronts system, but it also failed due to its relatively simple and tedious game flow.

The expansion of World of Warcraft this time is Torghast, which is a weird tower located in The Maw, which represents the core of the Shadowlands endgame. Huajiao is a hell, ruled by the warden, and there are some unforgivable souls in the prison. As it appears in the sky directly above the Scourge Fortress in Shadowlands, it is reasonable for Torghast to resemble the structure of the Icecrown Citadel.

From the perspective of a game technician, Torghast should be Blizzard's most successful project in recent years. In Torghast, players can challenge individually or in groups of five friends to challenge together. They can also choose the difficulty of the game. Torghast has endless random events, corridors, structures and layouts, like an endless loop of rogue dungeons. The Enzos vision in Island Adventure or Battle of Azeroth has a time limit, but the prospective and planned Torghast has no time limit, and it encourages exploration. Torghast also has a name called "Curse Tower". Its structure depends on what kind of floors you are fighting for. In the beta version of Alpha, you can skip some floors and try different levels of difficulty.

The ghost monsters that come and go in Torghast do make players feel a little tricky. The seemingly ordinary mob might be an elite. The pet demon warlock has a more obvious exclusive advantage. The new traps, puzzles and mini bosses bring more challenges to players, which just makes up for the monotonous game content.

Torghast can perform real-time updates very well, which means Blizzard can update floor layouts, new events, new monsters and new puzzles very quickly. Blizzard is used to the later release of "World of Warcraft".

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