What is a Performance Marketing?

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Today we are going to discuss What is a Performance Marketing?

What is a Performance Marketing?

Do you know what performance marketing is? The term performance marketing is six months, as in the language of every "lazy" one. What is this dish and what is it usually eaten with?

Trying to talk about the economy, a bank account, the growth of business indicators, it is reasonable only having knowledge in the field of economics. The economy says that you can increase a bank account simply by a lender or by reducing the profitability of transactions andoohcolossal costs for promotion, making the business itself unprofitable. What is the trick to "increase the score" of the company?

And what does someone who purchases and advertises on the Internet have any relation to the bank account of the company? Yes Yes! Here is the one in the rumpled T-shirt and jeans ... what does he have to do with the potential customer’s bank account?

Well, what of the internet marketers creeping publicly any nonsense ?! Gentlemen, Internet advertisers and website promoters, when you sit down to write such texts, do you open a dictionary of business, economics and marketing terms or not?

In the article from which this screenshot is taken, the author gives such a definition to the concept of

"performance marketing" used by him:
Recall that performance marketing is an approach to managing Internet marketing, aimed at achieving real business goals.

Dear Internet Marketers! When you come to a customer, you cannot even have a clue about the real goals of his business. Do you even know that the goal of "profitability" may simply be absent from the company. A business may have a goal of capitalization or scalability. The fact that the owner has a task, having increased capitalization, to enter an IPO or sell a business, you have no idea!

Digital performance marketing agency with the goal of access to the client's bank account! Feel the "load" !? I already wrote about the nonsense that Internet advertisers sometimes publish . Now, I believe that you will be more careful with unfamiliar economies!

But how ridiculous and absurd the concept of performance marketing, invented and cultivated in a digital environment, let's understand.

What is the term performance marketing for digital companies?
In fact, in a marketing environment, a concept such as "performance-based advertising" is used. It has been used for quite some time - ever since the concept of contextual advertising came into use. The Western Internet also knows this term, they know the dictionaries of online advertising and Wikipedia. If you try to translate this term, then "performance-based" - means "based on indicators (on numbers)." The word "advertising" means - "advertising". While not contesting the very concept of "performance-based advertising", its meaning is that any advertising agency on the Internet should be counted. An advertiser should pay for advertising only when there are measurable and clearly understood figures.

But let me be able to calculate numbers and be able to make advertising that causes revenue growth;
"number-based" advertising and fantasies about some "excellent and best marketing"
- this is, as in Odessa: "two big differences"

They know dictionaries, educated people and domestic marketers the concept of "performance". Moreover, the term “performance” is widespread both in Russian and far beyond the digital sphere, and, as you might expect, “performance” is not the same as performance-based. ”

And then, there are countless pseudo-practical conversations with SEA -shnikov about performance marketing?

How did performance-based advertising turn into performance marketing?
In 2008, the media-communication group VivaKi also misinterpreted the term performance-baset advertising, from the understanding that “marketing is cooler than advertising”, the option “effective marketing” was proposed, which, however, failed to gain a foothold in professional environment, but he had a devastating effect on the fragile minds of digital specialists!

The fact is that the very concept of “effective marketing” is pointless and stupid. Dear digital advertisers ...

How is marketing performance measured?
The effectiveness of marketing since its birth, long before you decide to engage in website development, SEA and SEO, and to this day is measured by customer satisfaction , sales , brand popularity.

Marketing is never ineffective!
Marketing cannot be ineffective! Otherwise, nobody needs such marketing and they don’t pay for it !? An “effective marketer” is as funny as a combination of words: “driving a car,” “a writer who can write,” or “a marketer who knows about the Internet.” There is no other marketing besides productive - there are not productive managers. :) :) :)

And so: marketing is always effective, there is the concept of performance-based advertising. But there’s no such thing as performance marketing. But what does the word performance mean?
What is performance?

To the attention of the author of the post and the information of colleagues,  the term "performance" in the English language has a completely specific and well-established definition. Performance (when writing like this, in Russian) is a form of contemporary art based on the action of the artist, in which the subject of art is just an excuse to demonstrate the creative process in a certain place and at a certain time. At the same time, the consumer is a contemplator of the creation of an object of art.
To see how art is created is the consumer’s goal, this is the performance.

Let me quote a nasty joke that has been circulated among students of art universities, quite clearly explaining what a "performance" is:
If you first call the professor’s door and, in his eyes, shit under the door - this is called performance. And if you shit first, and then call - this is already called installation.
Friends, puffing out their cheeks, echoing what others have said, without even trying to see the source - this is the norm today in communicating with people of online agencies. Is there any marketing performance at all?

What is marketing performance?

Let’s do it with cases, I think that everything will become clear at once: a marketing performance is when the future owner of a Lamborghini, Ferari or Tesla car sits in a factory with glass in an armchair with a bottle of whiskey, and in front of him they hand-pick his future car, and a pretty one the model tells him in paints how the horseradish cedar was growing, from which the ashtray lid is being cut out from it. So "sell", for example, items of the luxury segment .

What is performance marketing when selling expensive cars?

Another example. There are goods whose sale without performance is simply not possible. How to sell a "miracle thing for cooking in just half an hour without oil, water and salt? Understood, yes, what am I talking about?

Performance is an indispensable tool for selling TV shops, show programs with elements of advertising on TV, selling sophisticated equipment, when visualizing the process of using the subject of marketing and demonstrating the performance – results of such use causes a burning desire to acquire it.

Performance is also used in trade marketing. For example, in order to engage the consumer, he is invited to take part in the performance. The IQ team promoting Ax deodorant came up with an interesting idea and developed a special design - mounted cans in special racks and placed them in men's toilets.

Manufacturers have resorted to performance. There is a webcam on the Internet overlooking the Ostankino sausage shop. The all-seeing eye observes and demonstrates how the sausage is prepared. The same applies and the company Good Wood - a manufacturer of country houses from timber. The picture from the camera installed in their production is accompanied by a scrolling line indicating which numbered order is being processed right now in the production and the customer sees with his own eyes the execution of his order.
Friends, this is a marketing performance! In marketing, performances are developed and used by special people and entire agencies. Who creates, plans and conducts performances in order to better satisfy the consumer?

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