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Paul Qualley is who?

Andie McDowell, a well-known American model and actress, was previously married to Paul Qualley. He performs music and is a model. Since there was no information about him before he married Andie, he only came into the public eye after meeting his wife.

Paul Qualley Biography.

On March 15, 1958, he was born to Lee James Crowley and Patricia Ann Rondo. He was born in the United States of America of Norwegian ancestry.

There is no information about his siblings, but he had a passion for modeling from a young age, and he achieved this and earned a reputation for himself in the entertainment sector.

Paul Qualley’s Professional Career

Paul Qualley is a model who has walked the runways and represented numerous fashion labels. When it comes to having the perfect figure for modeling, Paul Qualley is the man to trust.

Paul has a penchant for modeling as a child and has worked hard to achieve his dreams. He has made a name for himself by working on many walks and models for various brands, and he credits his Paul Qualley family for their support.

After appearing in multiple campaigns, you understand that he needed to do something lucrative outside of the modeling profession. Then he had to abandon his love and learn how to be an entrepreneur by getting into the livestock industry.

Paul Qualley Relationship

Paul Qualley is divorced, although his sole marriage was to Andy McDowell, a well-known American model and actress whom he met on the set of the commercial program “Gap Ages.” They started seeing each other and were soon dating.

The relationship was going well, so they both wanted to marry and establish a family; they formally became partners in 198 They were married for almost 13 years before developing marital problems and deciding to divorce.

Paul Qualley Wife

As previously noted, Paul Qualley’s ex-wife is Andy McDowell, an American actress and model. She has been in a number of films and television shows, and she has played a variety of characters.

She has also built a reputation for herself in the entertainment sector, amassing a net worth of more than $15 million dollars?

She got involved in a scandal at one point after she tweeted about an airline business downgrading the first-class trip only because of her dog.

Throughout her career, she has received various honors, including the Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress for her performance as Anne Bishop Milan in the 1989 film sex lies and videotape. She has appeared on the cover of various magazines, as well as in films such as The Legend of Tarzan, Greystoke, Lord of the Apes, Groundhog Day, and Magic Mike XXL.

Paul Qualley’s Social Media Accounts

I haven’t been able to uncover any official or verified accounts relating to Paul Qualley; most likely, he isn’t on social media yet for reasons best known to him.

Paul Qualley Family

There is no information regarding Paul Qualley’s siblings. He was born into the family of Lee James Crowley and Patricia Rundle.

For a long time, his family has been his support system, and they have stood by him while he strives to build a reputation for himself as a model.

Paul Qualley Net Worth

Since obtaining this information, he has amassed an estimated net worth of over $100,000, as opposed to his wife, whose net worth is in the millions.

Paul Qualley’s Age and Birthday

Paul Qualley is 62 years old, as of the time when this post is made, and he gets to celebrate his birthday every March 15th. Although he does not appear to be elderly, he was born in 1958, yet as a model, he appears to be healthy and younger than his age.

Paul Qualley Profession

Paul Qualley, as previously stated, is the ex-husband of star Andy McDowell and a model. Paul Qualley does more than just model.

Paul Qualley Ranch

Paul owns and operates a huge ranch in Montana. He left modeling to focus on his ranch, and he has spent the rest of his life managing his ranch since leaving the modeling world.

Paul Qualley Height

Paul Qualley stands at 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 77 kg.

Paul Qualley Wikipedia

Paul James Qualley is a prior style model from the United States. He rose to prominence as the ex-boyfriend of prominent American fashion model and performer Andie MacDowell. He has a page on Wikipedia where people can access to read more about his profile and achievements.

Rhett Hartzog Net Worth

Rhett Hartzog is a wealthy businessman with a net worth of $20 million. His company specializes in jewelry, and he is also the renowned ex-husband of actress and model Andie MacDowell. MacDowell has an extensive list of credits, including roles in The Help, The Green Hornet, and The Aviator.

Who is Paul Qualley now married to?

MacDowell, Andie

Spouse Paul Qualley (m. 1986-1999)

Rosalie Anderson MacDowell

Rosalie Anderson MacDowell is a former fashion model and actress from the United States. She made her cinematic debut in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes in 1984, and St. Elmo’s Fire in 1985, before gaining critical praise for her portrayal in Sex, Lies, and Videotape.

Is Paul Qualley a well-known American actor?

Paul Qualley is a former model and entertainment business professional from the United States. Most people are familiar with Paul because of his marriage to Andie MacDowell, rather than his own professional accomplishments. Paul rose to international recognition as a result of his romance with the Hollywood actress. Despite the fact that Paul Qualley’s relationship ended, he has managed to live a nice life with no big issues. Rainey Qualley’s father is unknown.

Paul Qualley Father

The name of Paul Qualley’s Father is Rainey Qualley.

Early years. Rainey Qualley was born in New York City on March 11, 1989 (or 1990), but reared in North Carolina. She is the daughter of Andie MacDowell, an actress and model, and Paul Qualley, a model, musician, contractor, and rancher. She has two siblings: Justin, her older brother, and Margaret, her younger sister.

Is Andie MacDowell Married?

As of the time this report was written, there’s no clarity whether she’s currently married or not. But report has it that Andie MacDowell has had two marriages, the first to Paul Qualley and the second to Rhett Hartzog.

Who is Andie MacDowell’s ex husband?

Paul Qualley (1986–1999)

Rhett Hartzog (2001 to 2004).

Is Margaret Qualley married?

Sarah Margaret Qualley (born October 23, 1994) is a model and actress from the United States. Jack Antonoff (2021-present; engaged) is her husband.

Who is Margaret Qualley Father?

Paul Qualley is the father of Margaret Qualley.

What has Margaret Qualley been in?

Maid 2021

2019’s Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

2020 – my Salinger year.

2017 Death Note.

2014 – 2017 The Leftovers.

2016’s The Nice Guys.

How old is Andy Mcdowell?

Andy Mcdowell was born on 21 April 1958.

How tall is Andy Mcdowell?

Andy Mcdowell is 1.73m tall

Where does Andy Mcdowell live?

MacDowell met with her former high school friend, Rhett Hartzog, through her sister Julia in 1999, and married him on November 10, 2001. The couple split in October 2004, and she currently resides in Marina del Rey, California.

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