Anastasia Shirley Biography, Career, Husband, Net worth

Who is Anastasia Shirley?

Anastasia Carlyle, professionally known as Anastasia Shirley, is a successful American make- up artist, who’s especially known for being the wife of Robert Bobby Carlyle.

Whereas her husband is famously known for being a Scottish movie actor, Anastasia Shirley is known for being his wife.

Anastasia Shirley Wikipedia Profile Summary

Name: Anastasia Shirley

Age: 56 years old

Date of birth: 1966

Nationality: American

Marital Status: Married

Husband: Robert Carlyle

Children: 3 (Ava Carlyle, Harvey Carlyle, and Pearce Joseph Carlyle)

Occupation: Make-up Artist

Net worth: not estimated

Anastasia Shirley Biography

Famous for working as a make-up artist, and for being actor Robert Bobby Carlyle’s lovely wife, Anastasia Carlyle was born in 1966 in her home country in the United States and holds American citizenship by birth. Shirly is presently, 56 years old, not much is known about Anastasia Shirley’s early life and educational history.

Anastasia Shirley Career

Kick-started a career in the Film-making industry as a make-up artist, Anastasia Shirley rose to stardom following her relationship and posterior marriage with actor Robert Bobby Carlyle.

As a make-up artist in the industry, Anastasia Carlyle has worked with popular actors and actresses, including but not limited to Robbie Coltrane, and Helen Mirren.

Now popularly known in the Film-making industry and beyond as a make-up artist, Anastasia Shirley has been in the assiduity for as long as two days and a half.

She started in 1995 and has been active for at least 26 solid years. Honored by numerous bodies for her innovative-mindedness, Anastasia Shirley’s first work in the industry was as an assistant makeup artist.

Therein, she became the make-up artist who saw to the timber of “Prime Suspect; The Lost Child.” The movie had the popular actress Helen Mirren on set and won the “PGA Award.” Also, it was nominated for the “United States Oscars, and 5 BAFTA Award”.

On this note, it’s only rational to say that Anastasia Shirley has been doing well for herself. According to multiple online sources, she is wedded and fastening on her career and marriage without letting either of them suffer.

Anastasia Shirley Marriage with Robert Carlyle

Anastasia Shirley, also known as Anastasia Carlyle, is married to Robert Bobby Carlyle with whom she has three formerly grown-up children.

Interestingly, the love-brace cum couple first met at a movie set, on the set of a British television show named “Cracker.” Shortly after their meeting, the brace got married in 1997 and has since continued to flourish in love.

Living in Vancouver, Canada with their family, Anastasia and Robert have worked on different systems in the once times – Robert working as a movie actor and Anastasia working as a make- up artist.

Anastasia Shirley Height

Anastasia Shirley stands five bases eleven elevation altitudinous. Her hubby on the other hand stands five bases seven elevation altitudinous.

Anastasia Shirley Net worth

While Anastasia Shirley’s net worth is yet to be estimated, her hubby Robert Carlyle’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

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